Membership Dues & Fees

There are four types of membership: Individual, Family, Junior, and International. All of these memberships are open to all persons who subscribe to the purpose and mission of HANA and agree to abide by the club Code of Ethics. Fees and dues for each type of membership are set no later than July 15th of each year, and renewals are due at the beginning of the club year on October 1st. New memberships accepted after July 1st shall be renewed for the following club year at no additional cost.

Individual Membership

Open to individual persons 18 years of age or older, residing in the United States, Canada, or other North American country. Individual memberships are entitled to one (1) vote and are eligible to hold office. An Individual membership can be upgraded to a Family membership at any time for $10.

Initiation Fee: $15
Annual Dues: $25

Family Membership

Open to two persons 18 years of age or older residing in the United States, Canada, or other North American country, and residing in the same household. Family memberships are entitled to two (2) votes and are each eligible to hold office, but shall receive only one copy of any gratis HANA publication or offering.

Initiation Fee: $15
Annual Dues: $35

Junior Membership

Open to individuals 10 to 18 years of age residing in the United States, Canada, or other North American country. Junior members have no voting rights and are ineligible to hold office. Junior membership automatically converts to individual membership at the age of 18.

Initiation Fee: None
Annual Dues: $15 or $5 with an Individual or Family

International Membership

Open to non-residents who are committed to the development and welfare of the Hokkaido breed. International members are not required to pay dues, have no voting rights, and are ineligible to hold office. Gratis HANA publications and offerings are not sent to International members.

Initiation Fee: None
Annual Dues: None

Discounted Litter Rate

We want to encourage breeders to invite all of their new puppy owners to join HANA to grow the club and provide a community of support for the owners. Since breeding is already an expensive endeavor, HANA offers a discounted rate when a breeder submits membership applications for all of the new owners of a litter of Hokkaido puppies. The breeder must also agree to endorse and mentor the new members for their probationary first year. The flat rate for breeder-endorsed litters is equal to three Individual memberships plus one initiation fee, regardless of the number of puppies and new members. After the first year, the new member pays the standard rate for Individual or Family membership.

Breeder-Endorsed Litter Rate: $90