Historic Milestones

August 2021 – Gaigan (Kinryuu Howasou) and Howru (Hokuryuu Go Kaijusou) earn the first UKC Precision Coursing (RACEN) titles

July 2021 – HANA becomes Good Dog Grant Recipient
HANA applies to and receives a club grant from Good Dog. The Good Dog Grant will go towards building a genetic database for the breed through BetterBred.

July 2021 – First CEA Clear Litter Born
The first CEA Clear litter of three puppies is born in the United States, to sire Naka (Kouichi Shizunai Nakamura Kensha) and dam Minira (Ruri Hiroo Hokushinsou) under Claire Matthews (Kaiju Kennels).

May 2021 – Howru (Hokuryuu Go Kaijusou) earns the first AKC Coursing Ability Test (CA) title

April 2021 – Howru (Hokuryuu Go Kaijusou) wins the first AKC Best in Open Show

March 2021 – Howru (Hokuryuu Go Kaijusou) earns the first Barn Hunt (RATN) title

December 2020 – OFA CHIC Acceptance
The Hokkaido is officially accepted into OFA’s Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) Program. Hokkaido who submit all the required breed tests, passing or otherwise, are certified with a CHIC number. Entries into CHIC will assist HANA in learning more about the state of Hokkaido health as a whole.

October 2020 – Yoshi (Akiyoshi Go Apricity) earns the first UKC Socialized Pet Obedience Test (SPOT) title

January 2020 – Gaigan (Kinryuu Howasou) becomes the first to rank in UKC Northern Group Top 10 for 2019

December 2019 – Gaigan (Kinryuu Howasou) wins the first UKC Best in Show

May 2019 – First CEA Clear Puppy Born
Kibo (Tintowns No Wakana Go) is the first CEA Clear puppy born in the United States, to sire Blade (Itadaki No Eisuke Go) and dam Asirpa (Ezo Takara Howasou), under Stephanie Abel (Tintown).

February 2017 – Yuki (Bian Yuka Amico di Boemia) earns the first AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title

January 2017 – New Health Studies
Thanks to the efforts made by HANA and Genoscoper Laboratories, we were able to discover new health and genetic information for the Hokkaido breed; including health disorders, physical traits, genetic diversity, genetic relationships, and genetic health indexes (GHIs) for HANA’s foundation dogs.

November 2016 – Yuki (Bian Yuka Amico di Boemia) becomes the first UKC Champion

September 2016 – Yuki (Bian Yuka Amico di Boemia) earns the first DMWYD Trick Dog (NTD) title

February 2016 – The Road to AKC Begins
The Hokkaido is officially recorded in AKC’s Foundation Stock Service. The Hokkaido is on the road to becoming an AKC recognized breed. The first AKC registered Hokkaido is Yuki (Bian Yuka Amico di Boemia), owned by Lex Blanton and Stephanie Abel.

September 2015 – New Beginnings
The first litter of Hokkaido born in the USA is whelped in Puyallup, Washington by Lindsay Tompkins (Hokusei Kashinoki). Parents are Genko (Yukihime ni Hokusetsu Yamaguchi Sou) and Yezo (Dainikorou Kurohikage Takahashi Sou).

October 2013 – Foundation Dogs are Imported
The first breeding pair of Hokkaido are imported to the USA in a joint effort with Brad Anderson, Lindsay Tompkins, and Angela An via Mr. Shigeru Kato.

January 2011 – The HANA Project is Founded
The Hokkaido Association of North America is founded.